Gun Violence Intervention Team

"In Anne Arundel County we have the people and the passion to actually reduce gun violence and to show the rest of our state and our nation that there is a way to put politics aside and do the work."

Steuart Pittman - County Executive

Gun Violence Awareness Month

In August 2020, the Gun Violence Intervention Team (GVIT) launched under the Department of Health to address gun violence as a public health issue. 

Through collaborative meetings and workgroup efforts with more than a dozen partner agencies, the GVIT is using a public health, data-driven, and community engaged approach to address gun violence.

Our Vision:

The Gun Violence Intervention Team envisions a community where all residents are safe from gun violence.

Our Mission:

To prevent and reduce gun-related injuries and deaths in Anne Arundel County.

In June of 2022, the GVIT released its strategic plan. This plan includes information about the coalition, local data, achievements to date, and our goals, objectives and priorities moving forward. This plan draws from the Final Report of the Task Force, analysis of gun violence data and trends since mid-2020, a systematic review of gun violence intervention strategic plans from municipalities across the country, and insights from the public gathered at quarterly community meetings.

The Strategic Plan is an all-in-one resource for the community to see the impact of gun violence locally and the county’s commitment to specific strategies that will prevent and reduce gun-related injuries and deaths of community members.