Treatment Finder

Treatment Finder for Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health and Co-Occurring Disorders

Treatment Finder is an interactive tool that displays substance use disorder (SUD), mental health (MH) and co-occurring disorder treatment and recovery providers that are available to Anne Arundel County residents. The Treatment Finder map has a filter to allow users to find a provider that best fits the treatment and recovery needs they are seeking. Refer to the Treatment Finder Guide for an explanation of terms and levels of care.

Once you determine which provider fits your needs, call to confirm availability and begin the registration process. It is important to be aware that many providers have a waitlist. This is not unusual and should not be discouraging as many waitlists have quick turnover. Consider being placed on several waitlists to ensure the best chance of timely placement.

Also, some providers may have availability for certain types of insurance and not others. For example, a provider may have three beds available, but only to privately insured clients — not Medicaid clients. Calling is the best way to clarify.

NOTE: The Treatment Finder tool may not include every available provider. Treatment Finder will be updated regularly as more providers are added. Some providers’ locations are not exact due to privacy concerns.

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health makes every effort to post accurate and reliable information, however, inclusion on this website is not an endorsement of services and is intended solely for the purpose of electronically providing information and convenient access to resources. Those seeking services should consider verifying credentials, requesting references, or other means to determine the expertise and quality of services.

Additional Information about Treatment and Recovery Options: