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Last updated: May 10, 2022

School Health Stop the Bleed TrainingSchool Health Stop the Bleed Training
School Health Stop the Bleed TrainingSchool Health Naloxone Training
Work Location School Health Nurse Work #
Annapolis Elementary Francesa Mirarchi 410-222-1600
Annapolis High School Vacant 410-266-5240
Annapolis Middle Katie Sexton 410-268-7930
Arlington Echo Casey Banks 410-222-3824
Arnold Elementary Alexandra Bennof 410-757-4415
Arundel High Kelly Snyder 410-674-5973
Arundel Middle Patricia Reddick 410-674-6900
Bates Middle Heather Stevens 410-263-1428
Belle Grove Elem Vacant 410-224-7645
Belvedere Elementary Amanda Macintire 410-975-9831
Benfield Elementary Katie Tipton Hall 410-222-6555
Bodkin Elementary Suzanne Rachid 410-437-1418
Broadneck Elementary Lisa Forrester 410-757-2735
Broadneck High Salat Garcia 410-757-1300
Brock Bridge Elementary Gabrielle Quintanilla 301-498-6280
Brooklyn Park Elementary Melody Browning 410-222-7654
Brooklyn Park Middle Laurie Jones 410-636-2967
Cape St. Claire Elementary Amanda Macintire 410-222-1689
Carrie Weedon Early Education Jacqueline Wharton 410-867-3480
Center for Applied Technology-North Patricia Stocker 410-969-3100
Center for Applied Technology-South Rachele Layne 410-956-5900
Central Elementary Jessica Childers 410-222-1092
Central Middle Maigread Brigham 410-956-5800
Central Special Michele Slyman 410-222-1038
Chesapeake Bay Middle Sharen Catlin 443-770-5130
Chesapeake High Megan Schisler 410-255-9600
Chesapeake Science Point Patricia Stocker 443-757-5277
Corkran Middle Suzanne Barnhouse 410-222-0901
Crofton Elementary Laura Keimig 410-451-4634
Crofton High Jenny Corkill 410-451-7730
Crofton Meadows Elementary Lauren Soaper 410-451-9778
Crofton Middle Pearline Williams-Wekpe 410-793-0280
Crofton Woods Elementary Laura Keimig 410-721-5370
Davidsonville Elementary Jessica Childers 410-798-0752
Deale Elementary Amy Agenbroad 410-222-2927
Eastport Elementary Elizabeth Dicey 410-222-1605
Edgewater Elementary Jacqueline Wharton 410-222-2970
Ferndale Early Education Vacant 410-222-6927
Folger McKinsey Elementary Katie Tipton Hall 410-222-0902
Four Seasons Elementary Linda Grierson 410-672-6501
Freetown Elementary Danielle Wanner 410-787-5619
Ft. Smallwood Elementary Rebecca Keating 410-222-6450
George Cromwell Elementary Cathey Fischbein 410-787-6102
Georgetown East Elementary Jennifer Doty 410-222-1610
Germantown Elementary Lisa Lavallee 410-222-2975
Glen Burnie High Lisa Buffone Tedford 410-761-2714
Glen Burnie Park Elementary Laura Reese 410-766-9220
Glendale Elementary Temppest Casey 410-787-3494
Hebron-Harmon Elementary Victoria Anderson 410-859-4530
High Point Elementary Sara Young 410-222-6583
Hillsmere Elementary Maggie Kirby 410-222-2965
Hilltop Elementary Ashley Kovacevich 410-760-2809
Jacobsville Elementary Rebecca Keating 410-222-6460
Jessup Elementary Amanda Pate 410-799-1255
Jones Elementary Kim Pine 410-222-6565
Lake Shore Elementary Suzanne Rachid 410-439-8189
Lindale Middle Joyce Williamson 410-691-2906
Linthicum Elementary Cathy Fischbein 410-222-0970
Lothian Elementary Amy Agenbroad 410-867-0457
MacArthur Middle Jean Logan 410-674-0032
Magothy River Middle Melissa Barton 410-431-8873
Manor View Elementary Melissa Lorentzen 410-222-6504
Marley Elementary Casey Banks 410-424-3210
Marley Glen Special Samantha Lang 410-222-6944
Marley Middle Linda Testerman 410-424-1761
Maryland City Elementary Katie Houston 301-725-4256
Mayo Elementary Christine Hutzell 410-798-7654
Meade Heights Elementary Victoria Anderson 410-222-6509
Meade High ChrisTillinghast 410-674-2676
Meade Middle Vacant 410-305-2421
Millersville Elementary Stephanie Crawford 410-222-3807
Mills Parole Elementary Georgia Brinkley 410-222-1626
Monarch Academy Glen Burnie Jessica Augustin 410-760-2062
Monarch Academy Annapolis Altone Frazier 443-449-2757
Monarch Global Academy Laurel Gabrielle Quintanilla 301-886-8648
Moss – Adams Academy Vacant 410-222-1639
Nantucket Elementary Lauren Soaper 410-451-6137
North County High Elizabeth Hooper 410-222-6970
Northeast Middle School Adam Loewenheim 410-437-5512
North Glen Elementary Jessica Augustin 410-222-6416
Northeast High Susan Truss 410-437-4820
Oak Hill Elementary Diane Stotz 410-222-0936
Oakwood Elementary Ashley Pinkney 410-222-6420
Odenton Elementary Jennifer Fernandez 410-674-5863
Old Mill High Bridget Harris 410-969-9010
Old Mill Middle North Nakia Evans 410-969-5950
Old Mill Middle South Nakia Evans 410-969-7000
Overlook Elementary Melody Browning 410-222-6587
Park Elementary Linda Michalski 410-222-6593
Pasadena Elementary Jessica Shifflett 410-975-3065
Pershing Hill Elementary Nicole Hiteshew 410-222-8581
Phoenix Academy Maggie Kirby 410-222-1650
Piney Orchard Elementary Jennifer Fernandez 410-672-7591
Point Pleasant Elementary Temppest Casey 410-787-5635
Quarterfield Elementary Kelly Kennedy 410-222-6989
Richard Henry Lee Ashley Pinkney 410-553-2206
Ridgeway Elementary Krista Martin 410-672-3346
Rippling Woods Elementary Laura Reese 410-222-0914
Riveria Beach Elementary Vacant 410-222-6469
Rolling Knolls Elementary Kaitlyn Kalnoske 410-222-5114
Ruth Parker Eason Lisa Robinson 410-222-3815
Seven Oaks Elementary Amanda Pate 410-305-2588
Severn Elementary Krista Martin 410-551-6220
Severn River Middle Koren Nagle 410-315-9206
Severna Park Elementary Diane Stotz 410-222-6577
Severna Park High Barbara McSherry 410-544-0900
Severna Park Middle Nancy Rinard 410-421-8637
Shady Side Elementary Donna Wend 410-222-2955
Shipley’s Choice Elementary Kelly Kennedy 410-222-3809
Solley Elementary Vacant 410-222-6473
South River High Rachele Layne 410-956-1757
South Shore Elementary Teri Chinn 410-222-3865
Southern High Susan Comly 410-867-7100
Southern Middle Cheryl Smith 410-867-2084
Southgate Elementary Stephanie Crawford 410-222-6445
Studio 39 Altone Frazier 410-280-1501
Sunset Elementary Sara Young 410-222-6478
Tracey’s Elementary Donna Wend 410-867-8312
Tyler Heights Elementary Dale Grigsby 443-482-9615
Van Bokkelen Elementary Tamy Williams 410-222-6535
West Meade Early Education Nicole Hiteshew 410-222-0962
Waugh Chapel Elementary Linda Grierson 410-222-6542
West Annapolis Elementary Kaitlyn Kalnoske 410-267-0036
Windsor Farm Elementary Lisa Forrester 410-224-6181
Woodside Elementary Danielle Wanner 410-222-6910

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