Public Swimming Pools and Spas Program

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health inspects public swimming pools and spas to monitor health and safety conditions at each facility.


Effective November 2021, the Department of Health is no longer issuing LIFEGUARD LICENSES.

Instead of a license from the Department of Health, lifeguards are now required to have a paper or digital copy of their training certificate at the pool when they are at work.  The certificate must be from one of these approved training agencies: American Red Cross; YMCA; Starguard; International Lifeguard Training Program (Ellis).

Public Pool and Spa Annual Operating Permit Application

Maryland State and County regulations provide the minimum requirements for the operation of public swimming pools and spas. Inspectors closely evaluate public swimming pools and spas for specific health and safety conditions, which are likely to contribute to injuries and waterborne disease. If a health or safety violation is observed, the condition must be corrected immediately or the public swimming pool or spa risks being closed.

The program is also responsible for licensing pool operators and investigating complaints about public pools, spas and tanning salons.

For information on how to obtain a Pool Operator license, please visit the Pool Operator License Application page.

Pool Chemicals and Safety

Residential pool owners and public pool operators can protect themselves and swimmers by taking these key steps:

  • ALWAYS secure pool chemicals: Keep children and animals away.
  • ALWAYS read the product name and manufacturer’s directions before each use.
  • ALWAYS use appropriate protective gear, such as safety glasses and gloves, when handling pool chemicals.
  • NEVER mix chlorine products with each other, acid or other substances.