Permit Fees

The Department of Health's fees for Environmental Health Services

Perc Testing
Platted Lot$450
Subdivision (unplatted lot)$750/lot
Retest of an unplatted lot$400
Septic Installation Permits
Complete System$600
Septic Tank only$350
Drainfield or Drywell only$475
Septic distribution box$225
Piping only$225
Pump pit$225
Holding tank$225
Non-Conventional Nitrogen reducing system$750
BAT Nitrogen reducing tank only$600
Commercial system$1500
Commercial system (each additional 2000 gal/day flow)$1000
Liquid Waste Hauler
Inspection for truck license$150
Public Swimming pool/Spa permits
Public and semi-public pools/spas operation 6 months or more$725
Public and semi-public pools/spas operating less than 6 months$350
Public Swimming pools/spa plan review
Public or semi-public pools$500
Public or semi-public pool with spa$750
Pool Licenses
Pool Operator$60
Well construction Permit
New Well$630
Replacement Well$315
Test, Observation or Monitoring Well$160
Geothermal Well$160
Food Service Facility operating permits
Permanent high priority$590
Permanent high priority (operating less than 4 months)$395
Permanent moderate priority$395
Permanent moderate priority (operating less than 6 months)$195
Permanent low priority$195
Mobile units$395
Temporary (high and moderate priority)$114
Temporary (low priority)$35
Bed and Breakfast (high priority)$400
Bed and Breakfast (moderate priority)$270
Nonprofit Food Service FacilitiesExempt
Second or subsequent reinspection fee for a food service facility$175
Food Service Facilities - Plan review - HACCP and Structural
High / Moderate priority structural plan review$750
High / Moderate priority HACCP plan review$750
Low priority structural plan review$500

Applications and fees for perc testing, sewage disposal system installation and liquid waste vehicle inspection should be submitted to the Anne Arundel County Permit Application Center, 2664 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401.

Applications and fees for public swimming pools and spas and food service facilities should be submitted to the Anne Arundel County Department of Health, Environmental Health Division, 3 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Annapolis, MD 21401.

Applications and fees for well construction can be submitted to the Permit Application Center or the Department of Health.

Perc testing, sewage disposal installation and well construction permit fees are waived for applicants who are qualified for assistance or grants from the Well and Septic Assistance Program or the Bay Restoration Fund.

For general information about services provided by the Environmental Health Division, call 410-222-7193 on weekdays or visit Licenses and Permits.