Public Health Week

National Public Health Week is April 1-7, 2024. 

Public health is more than just health care. It includes building communities free from pollution, with safe food and water and strong personal relationships. Learn more about the different services we provide.

National Public Health Week dedicates each day to a specific public health topic, emphasizing the importance of individual contributions in making a positive impact. The goal is to collectively work towards creating a healthier nation by addressing key areas crucial to future success in public health. The message encourages everyone to play a role in promoting health and well-being.

Monday, April 1: Civic Engagement

Voting and other forms of civic engagement shape our community and how it allocates resources to support our opportunity for healthy lives. And studies show better public health outcomes in states where more people vote. 

Through collaborative meetings and workgroup efforts with more than a dozen partner agencies, the Gun Violence Intervention Team is using a public health, data-driven, and community engaged approach to address gun violence.

Tuesday, April 2: Healthy Neighborhoods

Where we live, work and play can have a huge effect on our health. Let’s build healthy neighborhoods with safe places to live, be active and access fresh nutritious food, to provide everyone with the opportunity for healthy lives.

The Housing Protection Services Program investigates complaints concerning health, housing and safety hazards, including trash, garbage, sewage and wastewater discharges, general nuisance complaints, air pollution, rodents and housing violations; and performs lead paint inspections and recreational waters sampling.

Wednesday, April 3: Climate Change

Climate change is the most pressing threat to human health. By buying less, supporting green spaces and transitioning to renewable energy, we can lessen the health impacts of climate change. For everyone’s sake, let’s make a change now.

The Environmental Health Services Program works to make sure our public beaches are safe and clean.

Thursday, April 4: New Tools and Innovations

Public health is all about preventing disease, diagnosing health conditions and encouraging health and well-being. Let’s take advantage of smartwatches, health apps, telehealth and other innovations to improve the nation’s health.

In 2023 the Department of Health launched a new, improved website.  is designed to be more user-friendly and easily connect residents to our programs. Anne Arundel County’s number one source of up-to-date local public health information.

Friday, April 5: Reproductive and Sexual Health

Reproductive and sexual health care have been under attack. Let’s make reproductive care and screening for cancers and STIs common and accessible to all.

Sexual Health Services offers several programs and services dedicated to women, men and teenagers sexual and reproductive health including HIV/AIDS case management, STI testing, and free safe sex kits among others.

Saturday, April 6: Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness can protect you and your loved ones. Have a plan & emergency supplies and practice what to do. Consider how you can help local organizations support underserved communities, where disasters often worsen inequities.

The Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response (OEPR) develops plans and policies that protect and promote the health of all Anne Arundel County residents.

Sunday, April 7: Future of Public Health

Public health's future is all about teaming up with others to end racism and advocate for community well-being. Together, let’s make sure every person has access to the support and care they need for a healthier life. #NPHW

The Health Equity and Racial Justice Office (HERJ), created April 2020, exists to confront racism and other unjust social conditions that harm the health of underinvested communities in Anne Arundel County.

Public Health Week 2024

Inspired by the 2024 Public Health Week theme; Connecting, Protecting and Thriving: We Are All Public Health; here are several ways Department of Health staff contribute to public health and strive to improve health for all.

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