Kids in Motion

Last updated: May 7, 2022

Set a Good Example for Your Kids

Your children will follow your lead. Physical activity can be fun as well as good for them. The following tips will help you and your child to get moving:

  • Your children copy what you do. If you exercise, they will too. Take a walk together when you get home from work. Pick a CD you both enjoy. Dance together.
  • Turn off the television and promote active play indoors and outside. Use games like hide and seek and scavenger hunts to get children moving.
  • Teach your children all of the old games you enjoyed. Try skipping rope, hopscotch and hula hoops for starters. See “Get Movin’ with a Twist on Your Kids Favorite Games” for more ideas.
  • Don’t count on organized sports for all the action your child needs. Children who are physically fit and active everyday (not just on game day) have fewer injuries. Playing It Safe will help you take the steps to prevent injuries to your children.
  • Find activities your child enjoys and can feel successful doing. Let your child help you choose the sports and activities. Click here for more ideas on getting moving.
  • Plan family time around activities that are fun for everyone. Try skating, swimming, biking or walking as a family.
  • Be sure to take water with you if you will be out for 30 minutes or more. Click here for tips to encourage your children to stay hydrated.
  • Check the program guides for Anne Arundel County and Annapolis City Recreation and Parks for fun family ideas. Program guides are available at local supermarkets and libraries and online at Anne Arundel County Recreation & Parks and Annapolis City Recreation & Parks. Check the YWCA or other organizations in your community for classes, activities and opportunities for fun and fitness.

Been doing this for a while? Then consider adding to your program. The ideal exercise program includes aerobic (heart building) exercise 3 to 5 times a week and strength building exercise 2 to 4 times a week.

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