FY24 Recovery Residency Fire Suppression System Community Grants

Department of Health Announces Notice of Funding Availability for FY24 Recovery Residency Fire Suppression System Community Grants

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health (AACDOH) Behavioral Health Bureau is seeking applications from Recovery Residences currently operating in Anne Arundel County with the goal to improve resident safety and alleviate barriers for Recovery Residences seeking to obtain or maintain Maryland Certification of Recovery Residences (MCORR), as implemented by the Maryland Department of Health’s Behavioral Health Administration. Funding for Recovery Residency Fire Suppression System Community Grants originates from Opioid Restitution Funds.

To be eligible to receive funding, the applicant must be a Recovery Residence Provider operating in Anne Arundel County before Jan 1, 2024. Recovery Residence must be certified by the MCORR Board and remain in compliance with all requirements for the entire duration of operation. If the Recovery Residence is not MCORR certified, the applicant must provide proof of application for certification and be certified within 90 days of completion of work.

Funding must be used to assist in implementing state-certified Fire Suppression Systems or installation of fire sprinkler systems. Priority will be given to non-profit Recovery Residences.

Interested Anne Arundel County Recovery Residence Providers shall apply to the AACDOH's Behavioral Health Bureau as described in the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA). Completed applications and supporting documentation should be submitted to bh.community.grants@aacounty.org by March 11, 2024, by 5:00 p.m.

Important dates:

  • NOFA Release: February 14, 2024
  • Pre-Bid Meeting (optional): February 27, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. Register Online.
  • Applications Due: March 11, 2024, by 5:00 p.m.
  • Anticipated Award Notification: March 25, 2024


Sandy O’Neill at hdonei00@aacounty.org or 410-222-7164

Q&A from FY24 Recovery Residency Fire Suppression System Community Grants Pre-Application Meeting

Q: Is this only for residential homes or does it include commercial occupancies (16 or more rooms?) 
A: No current recovery residences known to the Department of Health exist with commercial occupancy.

Q: Will a reviewed financial statement be sufficient? 
A: Yes, if the statement gives an accurate representation of your organization's operating budget over the last two years.

Q: What does the renewal process look like for this with MCORR? 
A: This grant opportunity does not reflect the MCORR renewal process. Grantees are expected to be certified by MCORR or become certified within 90 days of installation of fire suppression systems. MCORR requires compliance with the County Code so be sure to review the code and make sure residence(s) are compliant. 

  • Maryland Fire Prevention Code COMAR § 29.06.01; 
  • State Fire Prevention Laws - Public Safety Article Title 6 & Title 9; and 
  • Anne Arundel County Code (2005, amended) § 15-3-102; Article 15, Construction and Property Codes Maintenance Supplement, § 101.2.1; § 18-3-104

Q: What will the process be for new residences? 
A: The current grant opportunity is only for Recovery Residences currently in operation in Anne Arundel County as of January 1, 2024.

Q: We have several Recovery Residences under individual NPI/tax ID numbers. Do we need to submit individual applications for each or can they all be done (and broken out) on one application under the parent company? 
A: A provider may submit a single application for eligible residences up to the limits noted in the Notice of Funding Opportunity.

Q: There is a cost to have the county conduct a flow test (Est $500) that is needed to get quotes, is that reimbursable even though it would be before the grant award? 
A: Yes, if awarded, this item can be reimbursed.

Q: The project will likely require multiple vendors; general contractor, plumber, fire suppression contractor; are three quotes required for each vendor? What about for each house? 
A: Applicants may submit either three overall quotes per house or three quotes per vendor/supplier per house.

Q: If the quote comes back for a tank and pump, but then when the work is done it turns out to need a water line, is it okay to do the water line, if the cost is similar? 
A: Yes, budgets can be modified post-award based on the project's needs if the modification does not exceed the total award.