Asthma and Lead

The Childhood Asthma and Lead Environmental Case Management Program is a free, home visiting program for children (under 19 years old), who have moderate to severe asthma or asthma-like symptoms, and/or lead poisoning (blood lead level >3.5 µg/dL), and live in Anne Arundel County. The goal of the program is to improve asthma outcomes and reduce lead exposure by providing education, in-home assessments, assistance with managing environmental factors in the home, and for those who are eligible for resources to mitigate those factors.

Home Visits and Case Management

The Department of Health offers free home visits for those who qualify.  

Eligible for our free home visiting program if:

  • has moderate or severe asthma
  • is under 19 years old
  • lives in Anne Arundel County
  • gets Medicaid/MCHP or qualifies for Medicaid/MCHP
  • has lead poisoning - blood lead level of 3.5 µg/dL or higher

To refer a child call 410-222-7003, email, or fax a referral form to 410-222-7144.

What to Expect During a Home Visit

Our trained team will work with you to find a convenient time to meet. During the home visit, the Nurse/Parent Educator will:

  • Review asthma medications and personalized asthma action plan
  • Coach proper medication delivery and equipment cleaning techniques
  • Educate on identifying ways to minimize lead or asthma triggers
  • Provide supplies to decrease asthma triggers and lead dust in the home, for eligible families*
    • Cleaning supplies - for example, HEPA vacuum, microfiber mop
    • Mattress/pillow encasement
    • Rodent and pest traps
  • Offer referrals to community resources

*Medicaid recipients are eligible for supplies. Lower socioeconomic military and uninsured children are currently eligible due to special funding.

Free interpretation services available during home visits. Call 410-222-7003 with questions.