Building Permit Review Checklist for Wells

The following must be shown on a site plan for the subject property, as well as the neighboring properties. The plan must be drawn to engineer’s scale (1 inch = 10, 20, 30 feet, etc.):

___ Existing and/or proposed well locations
___ Property lines
___ Existing structures
___ Proposed structures
___ Name(s) of road(s) abutting property
___ Type and location of sewer mains and septic systems
___ Stormwater management devices
___ Mayo tank/grinder pump

The following separation distances apply to any proposed well:

___ 30’ from a building foundation
___ 10’ from a property line
___ 15’ from a roadside property line, right of way or easement
___ 50’ from a septic tank, pump pit, distribution box or septic disposal area
___ 50’ from a sewage force main
___ 50’ from a gravity sewer main constructed of clay (VCPX)
___ 50’ from gravity sewer constructed of PVC, HDPE or cast iron
___ 50’ from a Mayo tank or grinder pump
___ 50’ from any identifiable or potential source of contamination (ex: underground oil tank)
___ 50’ from a stormwater management subsurface infiltration area or sediment pond
___ 10’ from a sewer to house connection
___ 10’ from closed conduit stormwater piping

Additionally, there must be access for a well rig to drill the well in the proposed location.

Any proposed structure must be located 30 feet from an existing well. Upon written request, a variance may be considered to allow a proposed structure to be located as close as 20 feet from the subject property’s existing drilled well. A variance will not be granted to a neighboring well.

To determine the adequacy of an existing well, it may be necessary for a licensed well driller to evaluate the depth and yield, or for a Maryland State Certified Private Laboratory to test for water quality.

The upper terminal of the well must meet current code. A drilled well casing must extend at least 8 inches above finished grade and be fitted with a vermin-proof well cap. A well in a flood area must extend at least 24 inches above finished grade and be fitted with a flood-proof well cap.