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Last updated: January 27, 2023

Anne Arundel County Department of Health Headquarters The Department of Health, established October 1930, is the sole government agency responsible for improving the health of Anne Arundel County. By State and County authority, the Department of Health is charged with enforcement of certain federal, State and County laws and regulations.

In addition to regulatory and enforcement work, the Department of Health directly provides mandated, delegated and locally-initiated public health services. The Anne Arundel County Council, which also serves as the County Board of Health; the County Medical Society’s Advisory Committee; and several advisory councils help the Department of Health establish its direction.

Nearly 700 Department of Health employees — physicians, nurses, social workers, sanitarians, counselors, therapists and other allied health and support personnel — bring compassion and commitment to their work and a concern for continually improving the quality of the Department’s services.

The impact of their combined effort is extensive. More than one out of every three County residents is directly served by a Department of Health program each year. More than 184,000 residents receive direct personal health or screening services through Department programs. Another 41,000 residents and businesses receive permits, inspections and other environmental services annually.

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A vibrant Anne Arundel County with healthy people in healthy communities.


The Department of Health’s mission is to preserve, promote and protect the health of all people who live, work and play in Anne Arundel County.

Critical to achieving our vision and mission are strong, sustainable partnerships with individual residents, public sector agencies, community-based organizations, health care providers and insurers, academic institutions, businesses and other private sector agencies.

Core Values

Core values reflect principles that our Department, comprised of diverse public health professionals, exhibits as we interact with co-workers, agency partners, the community, businesses and the public. Our core values are Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation and Respect.

What Is Public Health?

Public health is the science of preserving and improving the health of entire populations through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, the prevention of diseases and injuries, and the control of infectious diseases. These populations can be as small as a local neighborhood, or as large as an entire country or region of the world.

Public health professionals implement educational programs, recommend policies, administer services and conduct research — in contrast to clinical health care providers who traditionally focus on treating individuals after they become sick or injured.

Public health also works to limit health disparities by promoting health care equity, quality and accessibility.

Ten Essential Public Health Functions and Services

  1. Assessing community needs in partnership with the public and private sector
  2. Investigating public health problems and hazards in an era of globalization
  3. Maximizing the role of media in public health information dissemination
  4. Building viable and sustainable coalitions and partnerships
  5. Developing local policies and plans in the context of federal and state policies and plans to transform health
  6. Enforcing laws and regulations that protect health and ensure safety
  7. Ensuring access to clinical services in our local jurisdiction
  8. Building a robust public health workforce of the future
  9. Evaluating service delivery in a local jurisdiction
  10. Conducting research at a local health department
Public Health Functions and Services

Personnel Roster 

Nilesh Kalyanaraman, M.D., Health Officer
Health Officer
Nilesh Kalyanaraman, MD, FACP
Tonii Gedin, RN, DNP, Deputy Health Officer
Deputy Health Officer, Public Health
Tonii Gedin, RN, DNP
Shawn Cain, Deputy Health Officer, Operations
Deputy Health Officer, Operations
Shawn Cain


Central Services Director, Johanna Mitterhammer, 410-222-4296
Communications Director, Megan Pringle, 410-222-4508
Finance Director, Vacant, 410-222-7103
Finance Deputy Director, Mary Lynn Bobbitt, 410-222-7209
Human Resources Director, Vacant, 410-222-4494
Human Resources Deputy Director, Christopher Schrader, MS-HRD, 410-222-4490
Information Technology Director, William Kegel, 410-222-7142
Office of Assessment and Planning Director, Donna Perkins, MPH, 410-222-4224
Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response Director, Debbie Saylor, MS, RN, 410-222-4495

Behavioral Health Services

Director, Sandra O’Neill, MS, LCPC, 410-222-7164
Deputy Director, Tracy Schulden, LCSW-C, 410-222-4166
Adolescent and Family Services, Vacant, 410-222-6634
Road to Recovery Clinics, Rebecca Trott, LCSW-C, LCADAS, 410-222-0100
Recovery Community Support Services, Jermaine Brayboy, 410-222-6089
System Planning and Management, Natasha Herbert, PhD, LCPC, NCC, 410-222-7041
System Training Education and Prevention Services,Caitlin Hall, 410-222-1841

Disease Prevention and Management

Director, Jennifer Schneider, MSN, RN, 410-222-4499
Deputy Director, Kristy Frashure, RN, BSN, 410-222-2663
Chronic Disease Prevention, Christine Bloom, BS, RN, 410-222-4223
HIV/STI Prevention and Care, Jennifer Barber, RN, 410-222-4081
Infectious Disease Prevention and Control, Beth Phillips, RN, MSN, MPH, 410-222-4225
Public Health Emerging Pathogens Response, Kristy Frashure, RN, BSN, 410-222-2663

Environmental Health

Director, Don Curtian, RS, 410-222-7050
Deputy Director, Albert Herb Jr., RS, 410-222-7359
Food Protection Services, Sharon Pawlowski, RS, 410-222-7052
Housing Protection Program, Erica Mantooth, 410-222-0057
Sanitary Engineering, Brian Chew, 410-222-7413

Family Health Services

Director, Peggy Cruz, RN, BSN, 410-222-4148
Deputy Director, Thomas McCarty, 410-222-4148
Access to Care, Kristina Dickinson, MPA, 410-222-4111
Adult Evaluation and Review Services (AERS), Oluwatosin (Tosin) Olateju, MSN, RN, 410-222-0283
Dental Health, Lucy Passaniti, DDS, FAGD, 410-222-7138
MA Transportation, Vacant, 410-222-7064
Maternal and Child Health, Mechelle Jones-Romo, BSN, RN, 410-222-6671
WIC, Vacant, 410-222-6672

School Health and Support

Director, Karen Siska-Creel, MSN, RN, 410-222-7213
Deputy Director, Isha Alston, MSN, RN, 410-222-7245
Clinical Services, Jo Ann Escobosa, BSN, RN, NCSN, 410-222-6838
Clinical Services, Bernadette Martin, BSN, RN, NCSN, 410-222-6838
Operations, Barbara Balazek, BSN, RN, NCSN, 410-222-6838
Audiology, Michelle Collier, MS, CCC-A, 410-222-7815

Organization Chart

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Anne Arundel County Department of Health Headquarters
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