Vision, Mission and Core Values

Last updated: August 7, 2021


A vibrant Anne Arundel County with healthy people in healthy communities


The Department of Health’s mission is to preserve, promote and protect the health of all people who live, work and play in Anne Arundel County.

Critical to achieving our vision and mission are strong, sustainable partnerships with individual residents, public sector agencies, community-based organizations, health care providers and insurers, academic institutions, businesses and other private sector agencies.

Core Values

Core values reflect principles that our Department, comprised of diverse public health professionals, exhibits as we interact with co-workers, agency partners, the community, businesses and the public. Our core values are Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation and Respect.

Ten Essential Public Health* Functions and Services

*What is public health? A definition.

  1. Assessing community needs in partnership with the public and private sector
  2. Investigating public health problems and hazards in an era of globalization
  3. Maximizing the role of media in public health information dissemination
  4. Building viable and sustainable coalitions and partnerships
  5. Developing local policies and plans in the context of federal and state policies and plans to transform health
  6. Enforcing laws and regulations that protect health and ensure safety
  7. Ensuring access to clinical services in our local jurisdiction
  8. Building a robust public health workforce of the future
  9. Evaluating service delivery in a local jurisdiction
  10. Conducting research at a local health department

Public Health Functions and Services

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