Substance-Related Disorder Services, System Expenditures

Substance-Related Disorder Services in Anne Arundel County: System Expenditures by Service Group, Coverage Type and Age 

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health (AACDOH) serves as the Local Addiction Authority (LAA) for the County, a designation of the Maryland Department of Health’s Behavioral Health Administration. The LAA plans, develops and manages a full range of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services for people who have or are at risk of developing substance-related disorders.

As the LAA and consistent with the surveillance responsibilities of local public health, the AACDOH collects and monitors multiple data sets relevant to substance use in the county. One important perspective on the county’s local substance use system is service data, including but not limited to data on service volume and billable claims attributable to Anne Arundel County providers at all levels of substance use disorder treatment. In 2018, the AACDOH requested and received County service and claims data files from the Behavioral Health Administration by service level for the years 2015 – 2017.This is all de-identified, non-client level data; none of the files contains any protected health information for any individual. 

Presently, the AACDOH provides outpatient medication-assisted treatment and operates an outpatient mental health clinic for children and adolescents. In releasing this aggregate data to the AACDOH, the Behavioral Health Administration requested that this data be provided to all county “providers delivering or seeking to deliver services at the same level as those delivered by the [ AACDOH.]” In order to comprehensively comply with the Behavioral Health Administration’s data use request, the AACDOH is making this data publicly available. Further, in compliance with the State’s data use agreement, all cells with counts between 1 and 10 are suppressed. 

For Substance-Related Disorder Services in Anne Arundel County: System Expenditures, click here.

Updates to this data will be posted on this web page as new data is received. If you have questions regarding this data, contact Cathy Howard, AACDOH Local Addictions Authority Coordinator at or Barbara J. Bazron, Ph.D., Deputy Secretary/Executive Director, Behavioral Health Administration, barbara.bazron@maryland.gov410-402-8600.

Substance-Related Disorder Services in Anne Arundel County: System Expenditures

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