Staph Prevention Tips

Personal measures
• Wash hands frequently with soap and water or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. See Handwashing.
• Do not share personal items (examples: clothes, towels, uniforms, equipment, razors)
• Shower after athletic activities
• Athletes should avoid cosmetic shaving of arms and legs
• Towels and uniforms should be washed after every use
• During athletic activities, if possible, consider covering arms and legs with clothing
• New wounds (examples: scrapes, abrasions, scratches, and any break in skin) should be cleaned
• Use proper bandages to keep wounds clean, dry and covered
• Do not apply antibacterial cream to wounds unless directed by a medical provider
• Students and staff should report skin infections to the school nurse and to coaches/athletic
trainers/physical education teachers
• See a medical provider if the skin begins to appear infected- red, hot, swollen, tender or draining

Institutional measures
• Soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizers should be readily available
• Exclude students and staff from school and athletics if a wound is draining and cannot be kept
clean, dry and covered
• If a wound is draining and is uncovered, the student should be evaluated by the school or athletic
• During athletic activities, a first aid kit with ample dressings should be available
• Use a disinfectant that is EPA registered as effective against MRSA to clean surfaces
• Maintain a regular cleaning schedule
• Perform daily surface cleaning of areas touched frequently by large numbers of people and locker
room surfaces (examples: showers, benches, countertops)
• Perform scheduled cleaning of weight room equipment and other gym equipment

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