Choose Nicotine Free Planning Tips

We want your Choose Nicotine Free event to be fun and successful. Here are some helpful planning tips:

  • Don’t try to do everything yourself. Ask other people from your group to help. One person can hang up fliers and another can make announcements. Having other people involved will get more people excited about your activity.
  • Get activity ideas from the Activities Page, or come up with your own!
  • Decide on a date for your event. While supplies will be available to pick up at the Health Department on March 2nd and 3rd, feel free to plan your event for any time and continue to spread the message of the dangers of nicotine all year round!
  • Choose Nicotine Free Supplies will be available to review and order prior to the Choose Nicotine Free event.
  • If you would like to show off your events, send it via email to, and it may be featured on the health department webpage!
  • Coming Soon: If you are interested in additional educational materials to supplement your event, please visit the newly redesigned AA Healthy Kids website to order free materials, such as our new grade-level specific anti-tobacco kits.
  • Once registered, the LTL office will reach out to you individually to coordinate supply pickup. If you have questions about getting your supplies, contact the Learn to Live Line at 410-222-7979 or at