Don’t Start

Maybe you think that if you start smoking you can quit anytime. Wrong. Nicotine in tobacco is addictive, and it keeps people smoking long after they want to stop.

More than half of all high school seniors who smoke or vape are unable to quit, and more than 70% still smoke eight years later.

Only one in ten smokers is able to quit the first time he or she tries. Most have to quit again and again before they can stop for good.

Helpful Hints to Stay Clear of Smoking or Vaping

The best way to not smoke or vape is to never start. Learn how to stay away from nicotine and stay cool. Here are some ideas to help you stand up to smoking and vaping.

1. Say No to Pressure

If your friends or kids in your neighborhood want you to smoke or vape with them, learn to say “No.” You can be direct: “No I don’t want to”; change the subject: “Let’s play basketball”; or try a comeback line, such as: “I like my lungs.” Avoid situations where you know they will want to smoke or vape.

2. Pick Up Something Else

There are so many things to do besides smoking or vaping. Try playing a sport. Pick up a good magazine. Listen to some music and dance. Go for a walk. They’re all cooler and healthier than smoking or vaping!

3. Talk to Someone You Trust

If you’re not sure about smoking or vaping, talk to someone you trust – your mom, dad, brother, your best friend or a favorite teacher. Tell them what’s up. Talk to them about how you’re feeling and ask for their help!

4. Take Action

During Nicotine Free Week you can learn how to tell people about the dangers of smoking or vaping. Create posters, organize a No Smoking Day at your school, or think of something original. It can be big or small, serious or crazy! But whatever you do, let people know that nicotine is bad and nobody should use it.

See what other cool kids are doing to tell their friends in the Showcase.

5. Help Others Quit

Spread the word and help a friend. If you know people who smoke or vape, click here.