Anti-Tobacco Marketing Videos

Big tobacco companies try to sway kids into thinking smoking is cool by using celebrities in their ads. They portray smoking as a way to make you beautiful, popular and stronger. To combat this messaging, educate your students about the big tobacco companies and their marketing tricks. There are also videos to counter the tobacco companies’ marketing. Below you will find a list of videos to educate your students about the dangers of smoking and encourage them to live tobacco-free.

Tips From Former Smokers Campaign is found through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The campaign helps to shed light on the dangers of smoking by sharing stories of real people who are living with the health effects of smoking and secondhand smoke.

You can find videos below or go online to YouTube and type "Tips From Former Smokers Campaign" into the search engine.

The Truth Initiative works to reduce smoking and the use of tobacco products among youth and young adults. This is a national counter marketing campaign to prevent tobacco use.

You can find suggested videos below or go online to YouTube and search "Truth Campaign" or "Truth Orange."

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