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Last updated: January 23, 2023

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School Nursing Program

The School Health Services Program, established in the 1992-93 school year, provides care for more than 85,000 students in more than 125 schools and educational centers in Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

The school nurses work in conjunction with health assistants. Health assistants are trained CNA/CMTs or LPNs supervised by the school nurses (RNs) to perform delegated tasks, provide first aid, give emergency care and medications, and assist in monitoring student health status in the school setting.

The RNs monitor chronic health conditions, develop and implement student health care plans, advise school teams on health issues, provide health teaching, make home visits and assist with the management of medically fragile students in their schools. They also perform student health appraisals and coordinate mandated vision and hearing screenings that are also provided by School Health Services.

Anne Arundel County School Nurse Conacts

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Parent’s Guide to School Health


Vision and Hearing Screening

Vision TestTrained technicians provide vision and hearing screening and referral service for children in public and private schools, child care centers, and other facilities.



Certified audiologists provide educational, diagnostic and consultative audiology services for students with hearing impairments, as determined by each child’s specialized education plan.Referrals are made via the Infants and Toddlers Program (0-3 years old), the Child Find Program (3-5 years old) and the school’s I.E.P. team (5-21 years old). Services include: diagnosis of hearing impairment and determination of the need for amplification; fitting and monitoring of hearing aids and assistive listening devices; participation in school team meetings to determine appropriate placement, level of service and modifications in the classroom; and provision of in-services to school personnel regarding the specific needs of children with hearing impairment.

Opioid Awareness and Prevention Training for Staff

Opioid Awareness and Prevention Training for Staff

Medication: My child needs to take Medication at School

What procedures do I need to follow?

Students are permitted to take medication at school ONLY when it is deemed absolutely necessary and only under the supervision of school health staff. A form titled, Parent’s Request to Administer Medication At School (PDF) must be on file for each medication. No medication can be accepted by health services personnel or allowed to be self-administered under the supervision of health staff without the receipt of the appropriate medication authorization form completed by the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) and authorized prescriber in its entirety without deletion or alteration. For the safety of students, school health services reserves the right to refuse to accept, administer, or supervise self-administration of any medication if these procedures are not followed.

Diabetes: My child has diabetes and needs medication at school

What procedures do I need to follow?

If your child has diabetes and requires medication while in school, you must complete the Parent’s Request to Treat Diabetes at School (PDF) form. Students are ONLY permitted to take medication at school when it is deemed absolutely necessary and only under the supervision of School Health staff. The student’s parent/guardian and authorized health care provider must complete the form in its entirety and without alteration.

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