Larvicide Application

Mosquito larvae image

Larviciding, or the application of biological control agents to prevent mosquito larvae, eggs and pupae from developing into adult mosquitoes, is used as the primary method to control the mosquito population in a given area.  Where field data indicates the presence of one or more mosquito larvae per standard dip test, larvicide is applied to the storm water or wet pond, marsh, wetland or mosquito breeding site.

Larval inspections are conducted by trained personnel capable of identifying development stages of mosquitoes and distinguishing among various genera. A decision to use a larvicide to control a larval population takes into consideration the type of mosquito and the distance to a residential area. Larvicides are applied using manually carried or vehicle-mounted spreading equipment or from specially equipped aircraft. All larvicide applications are made under permits issued by the Maryland Department of the Environment. Permit applications are made on a county basis for specific areas within the county and for individual insecticides. The permit allows a limited number of insecticide applications within a specific time frame.
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