Benefits of Quitting

There are many health benefits when you quit smoking no matter what age you are. In just 20 minutes, the body can start to benefit from quitting. Here are ways quitting smoking can improve the body.


  • Quitting will help the nicotine receptors in the brain become normal and help stop addiction.

Face and Head

  • Sharper Hearing
    • Quitting will help sharpen your hearing.
  • Clearer Vision
    • Overall vision will improve, and quitting can stop the damage that smoking can do to your eyes.
  • Clean Mouth
    • After a few days without cigarettes, your smile will be brighter. The risk of tooth loss decreases and your breath smells better.
  • Clearer Skin
    • Quitting can help clear blemishes and protect the skin from premature aging and wrinkles.


  • When you quit smoking, the risk of heart attacks decreases. Quitting can lower blood pressure and heart rate within 20 minutes. In a year, the added risk of coronary heart disease is now half that of a smoker.
  • Quitting can lower cholesterol levels and fat circulation in the body.


  • Within 1 to 9 months, individuals can find it easier to walk up the stairs without shortness of breath.
  • The cilia, which help keep airways clear in the lungs, regrow and regain normal function. When the cilia work properly, the body can fight off colds and infections.


  • Quitting can reduce belly fat and lower the risk of diabetes. If you already have diabetes, quitting can help you have better control of your blood sugar levels.

Don’t wait, quit smoking TODAY!

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