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Maryland Strategic Prevention Framework Implementation Grant Fiscal Year 2020 Request for Letters of Intent

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health (AACDOH) is requesting Letters of Intent (LOI) for a Maryland Strategic Prevention Framework Implementation Grant for fiscal year 2020 to a community organization to lead the South County Bridges to a Drug-Free Community Coalition. The purpose of the grant is to implement the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model and support the infrastructure development of the South County Bridges Coalition (SCBC) for Southern Anne Arundel County. The purpose of the SCBC is to assess community needs, build community capacity, create and maintain a strategic plan, implement strategies and evaluate coalition processes and strategies. The purpose of the SCBC’s process is to develop and implement culturally competent, evidenced-based environmental prevention strategies specifically designed to reduce the prevalence of underage drinking, youth binge drinking, alcohol-related crashes, and/or other substances use disorders (SUD) in the community at the local level.

An Environmental Strategy “establishes or changes written or unwritten community standards, codes and attitudes, thereby influencing incidence and prevalence of substance abuse in the general population.” (Hogan, Julie A., et. al., Substance Abuse Prevention: the Intersection of Science and Practice, Pearson Education, Boston, 2003, p. 328.) Additional resources about environmental strategies may be found at: For additional information about the Maryland SPF and SCBC, see Attachment A.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • Be a community-based organization, such as a private nonprofit corporation, for-profit corporation, or limited liability partnership with the experience and capacity to reach the target population in the Anne Arundel County ZIP codes: 20736, 20714, 20765, 20754, 20779, 20711, 20751, 20733, 20778, 20764, 20755, 20776, 21037, 21035 and 21140.
  • Have a history of providing SUD prevention services.
  • Must identify a part-time Coalition Coordinator to oversee coalition operations. See sample description of duties in Attachment B.
  • Be in good standing with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, Office of the Secretary of State, Charitable and Legal Services Division (if applicable), the Anne Arundel County Department of Inspections and Permits, and with all other applicable federal, state and local requirements.
  • Current and previous grant recipients of AACDOH must be in good standing with the AACDOH, having demonstrated compliance with the conditions of grant and satisfactory performance.


  1. Grant is for fiscal year 2020, starting July 1, 2019 and ending June 30, 2020. Funding may be granted to awardee for additional fiscal years contingent on available funds.
  2. The award amount is for $15,000.
  3. The grantee will invoice the AACDOH monthly and will be reimbursed for grant expenses.

Selection Process

  1. The AACDOH will review LOIs.
  2. Based on the number and quality of LOIs received, applicants may need to submit a final proposal for review and final decision.


  1. LOI application deadline: September 23, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

Submission and Content

  1. Cover Page must include:
    1. Project title
    2. Organization
    3. Contact person and title
    4. Address
    5. Phone number
    6. Fax number
    7. Email address
  2. Proposal Summary is limited to 800 words and must include:
    1. Experience serving Southern Anne Arundel County residents
    2. Organizational experience with SUD prevention
    3. Experience with conducting needs assessments and strategic planning
    4. Organizational ability to engage community stakeholders
    5. Identification of proposed South County Bridges to a Drug-Free Community Coordinator, responsibilities and capabilities.
  3. LOI Submission: All LOIs must be submitted on or before September 23 at 5:00 p.m. to Caitlin Hall, Prevention Supervisor, An email will confirm receipt of the LOI.
  4. Contact for questions:

Caitlin Hall, Prevention Supervisor, or 410-222-1841.

Attachment A

MSPF Process:

  • Community Needs Assessment: A systematic gathering and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data about the community served for the purpose of identifying and addressing alcohol problems.
  • Capacity: Types and levels of resources within a community and the community’s readiness to engage in and support prevention efforts.
  • Strategic Planning: A written logic model that examines substance-related consequences, intervening variables and contributing factors that result in the selection of evidence-based strategies, programs, policies and practices.
  • Implementation: The performance of evidence-based strategies, programs, policies and practices in the local community.
  • Evaluation: Preparation and implementation of a local evaluation plan of evidence- based strategies put into place in the community.

About South County Bridges to a Drug-Free Community

South County Bridges to a Drug-Free Community is one of four substance use disorder (SUD) prevention coalitions in Anne Arundel County. The mission of the Coalition is to improve life pathways for a healthy community, prevent youth SUD, increase awareness, educate the community and promote individual neighborhood’s social, economic, spiritual and emotional healing processes. To learn more about South County Bridges to a Drug-Free Community and the other SUD prevention coalitions, visit

Attachment B

Sample Description of Duties MSPF Coordinator

The NAACSPF Coordinator is a part-time position that assists the Coalition to reduce substance use disorders (SUD) in South County. The Coordinator is staff to the Coalition as it implements the five-step Strategic Prevention Framework process, which includes the community needs assessment, capacity building, strategic planning, program implementation and program evaluation. The Coordinator works under the direction and supervision of the nonprofit lead community organization and the NAACSPF Coalition.


  • Strong communication skills with a proven ability to develop effective collaborative relationships.
  • Ability to clearly articulate purpose, goals and objectives both verbally and in writing. Ability to listen and integrate county stakeholder feedback and recommendations.
  • Experience in community organizing, community or organizational development and/or SUD prevention.
  • Leadership characteristics including an ability to adapt approach, style and methods to best engage, empower and sustain the involvement of community partners as necessary.
  • Must be detail oriented; able to track, follow through and meet deadlines.

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Assist the Awardee and AACDOH Prevention Coordinator and/or Prevention staff to build, maintain and expand an inclusive, culturally competent and sustainable coalition to reduce the misuse of alcohol by youth and young adults in the community.
  • Assist the Community MSPF Coalition to implement the five-step MSPF process:
    • Capacity Building – provide public awareness of the coalition and its efforts to reduce misuse of alcohol; recruit members; assess and address Coalition strengths and needs.
    • Needs Assessment – assist the Coalition and local MSPF Evaluator with youth alcohol data collection and analysis; prioritize MSPF youth alcohol indicators, contributing factors, target populations and specific neighborhoods to be addressed; complete the MSPF Community Needs Assessment Report.
    • Strategic Planning – assist the Coalition and the local MSPF Evaluator to incorporate the results from the MSPF Community Needs Assessment Report and assessment process into its MSPF community logic models and MSPF Strategic Plan submission to ADAA.
    • Program Implementation – assist the Coalition and the local MSPF Evaluator to implement the evidence-based prevention activities detailed in its MSPF Strategic Plan.
    • Program Evaluation – assist the Coalition, the local MSPF Evaluator and any selected vendors and partners to evaluate the implementation and outcomes of the prevention activities included in the Strategic Plan; compile information for required progress and evaluation reports.
  • Administrative – schedule/convene meetings; maintain/disseminate agendas and minutes; prepare reports and Coalition documents; attend required MSPF training sessions; communicate with Prevention Coordinator and/or Prevention staff, 501 (c)(3) organization and the Coalition.

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