Communicable Diseases

HIV and AIDS Reporting

HIV and AIDS: Reportable Conditions According to the 1999 Surveillance Definition (ALL AGES) Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), including CD4+ lymphocyte count and viral load, are reportable by name under Subtitle 18 of this title and COMAR 10.18.02. All persons who are HIV-infected should be reported by name. Persons who are […]

Tuberculosis Reporting

Reporting of Tuberculosis – Confirmed or Suspected Tuberculosis and suspected tuberculosis should be reported immediately to the TB Program at 410-222-7256.  Report tuberculosis confirmed by culture and report suspected tuberculosis, as indicated by: Laboratory confirmed acid-fast bacillus on smear; Abnormal chest radiograph suggestive of active tuberculosis; Laboratory confirmed biopsy report consistent with active tuberculosis; or […]

Outbreak Reporting

Definitions of an Outbreak: Foodborne disease outbreak – Two or more epidemiologically related cases of illness following consumption of a common food item or items, or one case of the following: Botulism Fish poisoning such as Ciguatera poisoning Cholera Scombroid poisoning Mushroom poisoning Paralytic shellfish poisoning Trichinosis Any other neurotoxic shellfish poisoning Three or more cases of […]

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