Tuberculosis Reporting

Reporting of Tuberculosis – Confirmed or Suspected

Tuberculosis and suspected tuberculosis should be reported immediately to the TB Program at 410-222-7256

Report tuberculosis confirmed by culture and report suspected tuberculosis, as indicated by:

  • Laboratory confirmed acid-fast bacillus on smear;
  • Abnormal chest radiograph suggestive of active tuberculosis;
  • Laboratory confirmed biopsy report consistent with active tuberculosis; or
  • Initiation of two or more anti-tuberculosis medications.

Additionally, all cases as described below are to be reported:

  • All newly diagnosed tuberculosis disease cases regardless of the number of drugs prescribed. This includes all cases found at the time of death or after death and all cases previously classified as “primary” tuberculosis.
  • All persons with tuberculosis disease who have been previously treated for tuberculosis should be reported if more than a year has elapsed since treatment was discontinued.
  • All suspected tuberculosis disease cases awaiting bacteriological confirmation. Amendments to a “suspect” report should be submitted when bacteriological results become available. Note: Suspected cases also include abnormal chest X-ray suggestive of active TB.
  • Voluntary reporting of positive tuberculin skin tests in children less than four years old enables local health department investigators to identify a source case. Reporting is not required for other individuals determined to have latent tuberculosis infection.

When reporting tuberculosis, please complete both the general section of the DHMH 1140 morbidity report and the TB specific section below it.

For reporting guidelines and forms, see Reportable Diseases.

For additional information or assistance, call 410-222-7256.

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