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Trash Container Program

The Trash Container Program provides free or at-cost trash cans to eligible County residents for the proper storage of household trash between times of collection service. The trash container is leak-proof with a tight-fitting lid and is approved by the Department of Health for the storage and disposal of trash and garbage between times of collection service.

Who can apply for a trash container?
Applicants must own or reside at a property in a CHIP (Community Housing Inspection Program) community. CHIP communities include Arundel Village, Belle Grove, Brooklyn Heights and Pioneer City. Applicants may not own or co-own other real property in Anne Arundel County. Applications and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Housing Outreach Team of the Anne Arundel County Department of Health at the address below.

How is the applicant’s eligibility determined?
Eligibility is determined based on a financial review of the applicant’s income, the income of all family members residing in the household who are 18 or older, and a review of the property in relation to a CHIP community. To receive a voucher for an approved trash container, you must have low to average family income based upon the following income levels.


Assistance for an Approved Trash Container – Family Income Limit
(effective July 1, 2016)

Number of People in the Family

Approved Family Income up to













Where an applicant does not meet the income eligibility requirements, a voucher for one trash container may be issued after a $33 payment is made to the County for the cost of the approved trash container.

What information must I submit?
The applicant must submit the following:

  • proof of income for all age 18 and older residents in the home, including a copy of most recent Federal Income Tax returns;
  • photo ID such as a driver’s license, employee ID, or a passport; and
  • a recent utility bill, pay stub or award letter to verify residency.

What information do I receive?
Eligible applicants are issued a voucher for one approved trash container. Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis and vouchers are issued based on availability of program funds. The program limits the number of approved trash containers to one trash container every three years for eligible County residents.

Where do I pick up my approved trash container?
The applicant is responsible for the pickup of the approved trash container at the Northern Recycling Center, 100 Dover Road, Glen Burnie MD 21060. The applicant must present the voucher for the approved trash container at the County facility.

How does this program benefit County residents?
The program helps County residents to maintain the exterior property and premises in a manner that is free from the accumulation of trash or garbage. Improper storage of household trash can provide a source of food for rodents, dogs, cats, birds, raccoons, foxes and insects and may create a health nuisance. Examples of improper storage and disposal of household trash include:

  • broken or cracked trash containers;
  • trash containers without lids; or
  • the use of plastic bags, which are subject to breakage.

The Anne Arundel County Property Maintenance Code requires each owner and occupant of a property to provide a sufficient number of containers for the storage and disposal of trash between times of trash collection service. Recycling significantly reduces your need for storage and disposal of household trash between times of trash collection service. Paper, plastic, metal and glass can be recycled using a County-issued yellow recycling container.

For more information, contact:

Housing Outreach Team
Anne Arundel County Department of Health
Environmental Health Bureau
300 Hammonds Lane
Baltimore, MD 21225