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Property Maintenance Code

The Anne Arundel County Property Maintenance Code (Property Maintenance Code and Anne Arundel County Code, Article 15, Title 4 - PDFs) establishes minimum standards for existing residential structures and premises and is enforced by the Department of Health's Housing and Food Protection Program. The Housing and Food Protection Program responds to complaints and issues notices of violations and citations based on the following conditions:

  • electrical problems
  • problems with exterior or interior housing maintenance
  • inadequate heating facilities
  • insect infestation
  • overcrowded housing conditions
  • plumbing problems
  • evidence of rats, mice or other rodents
  • failing septic systems/sewage overflows
  • stagnant water from abandoned swimming pools
  • presence of trash, garbage or refuse
  • vacant or abandoned dwellings open to casual entry
  • inadequate quality or quantity of water supplied

See Property Maintenance Code (PDF) and Anne Arundel County Code, Article 15, Title 4 (PDF)

Complaints can be filed online or by calling

  • North Unit - 410-222-0056
  • Central Unit - 410-222-7192
  • South Unit - 410-222-7192
  • Multiple Dwellings or Apartments - 410-222-0056

For map of regions for reporting complaints, click here.

To apply for modification of the Property Maintenance Code, see application (PDF).

Housing and Food Protection Program
Bureau of Environmental Health
Anne Arundel County Department of Health
3 Harry S. Truman Parkway
Annapolis, Maryland 21401