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Parent's Guide to School Health

Phone: 410-222-6838

New! Promoting a Healthy Environment

  • Celebrations - Learn how to host a fun healthy celebration that offers healthy alternatives to traditional party treats.
  • Fundraising - Rather than using unhealthy food as a reward, choose healthy rewards at school and home.
  • Rewards - Focus fundraising efforts on ways to support the well-being of children and loved ones with nutritious foods or alternatives to food sales.

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This guide is for parents with school-age children. Many common questions are answered below. For immunization requirements, see Immunizations and Medications below. For birth certificate information, click here.

School Health Services

Immunizations and Medications

Illnesses and Diseases

Healthy Behavior

Healthy Eating

More Health and Safety Tips

For more information on School Health Services, call 410-222-6838.
Here is more information on Raising Healthy Kids.

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