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School Health Services

School Children in Classroom

Phone: 410-222-6838

The School Health programs provide health services to Anne Arundel County schools pursuant to State and Federal laws and provides assistance and consultation to the Board and Department of Education on health issues pertaining to schools.

For information on Anne Arundel County Public Schools, click here.

School Nursing Program

  • Phone: 410-222-6838

The school nurse/health assistant program, begun in the 1992-93 school year, provides school health services to all of our public schools. Working under the supervision of a registered nurse, a health assistant is assigned to each health room.

Nurses may be responsible for two or three elementary schools, depending on enrollment, but are assigned full-time to each high school and to middle schools. (Click here to view a listing of all Anne Arundel County School Nurses and their phone numbers.) The assigned nurses perform student health appraisals and mandated vision and hearing screenings.

In addition, they monitor chronic health conditions, develop and implement student health care plans, advise school teams on health issues, provide health teaching, make home visits and assist with the management of any disabled students in their schools.

Infant and Toddler Program

  • Phone: 410-222-6911

Nurses and members of the multidisciplinary team at the Infant and Toddler Program are housed at Point Pleasant Elementary. The nurse is the medical consultant to the team, makes home visits, defines health needs and provides service coordination for medically complex children. These services are included on the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) in accordance with Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA - PL 102-119).
See Youth with Special Needs Resource Database


  • Phone: 410-222-7153

Certified audiologists provide educational, diagnostic and consultative audiology services for students with hearing impairments, as determined by each child's specialized education plan.

Referrals are made via the Infants and Toddlers Program (0-3 years old), the Child Find Program (3-5 years old) and the school's I.E.P. team (5-21 years old). Services include: diagnosis of hearing impairment and determination of the need for amplification; fitting and monitoring of hearing aids and assistive listening devices; participation in school team meetings to determine appropriate placement, level of service and modifications in the classroom; and provision of in-services to school personnel regarding the specific needs of children with hearing impairment.

Vision and Hearing Screening

  • Phone: 410-222-6838

Trained technicians provide vision and hearing screening and referral service for children in public and private schools, child care centers, and other facilities. View current calendar for screenings.

For more information on School Health Services visit the Parent's Guide to School Health

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