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Fourth Annual Healthy Anne Arundel Month (April 2017)

Healthy Anne Arundel Month (April 2017) is a special time to raise awareness of the Healthy Anne Arundel Coalition's important role within the community and to motivate county residents to take steps toward better health. The coalition invites county residents, businesses, community associations, faith-based groups, government agencies, health care organizations and schools to coordinate and participate in Healthy Anne Arundel Month activities and the #HealthySelfie Facebook Contest. Click here for a calendar of events. The coalition's members partner with others to improve the health and wellness of Anne Arundel County residents year-round. During Healthy Anne Arundel Month, this work to promote health and wellness is highlighted.

The Healthy Anne Arundel Month Kickoff Ceremony was held at the Riva Road Farmers' Market Seasonal Opening on Saturday, April 1. See photos on Facebook.

Here are some Healthy Anne Arundel activity suggestions for individuals and families, along with ideas for programs that groups can lead, coordinate or use as a reference for creating their own activities.

Individuals, Families and Groups

  • Start an edible garden. Begin small with a few tomato or strawberry plants and watch the garden grow.
  • Exchange healthy recipes. Share your favorite healthy recipes containing vegetables or fruits. See Healthy Eating and Party and Holiday Recipes on Pinterest.
  • Take a trip to a local farmers' market to get fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Have "Fruit & Veggie Fridays," and add more fruits and vegetables to your menus.
  • See Anne Arundel County and City of Annapolis Recreation and Parks Program Guides to find fun, affordable physical activities to do with families, co-workers or community groups. Click here for County and here for City guides.
  • Establish tobacco-free zones. Make home, work and community spaces smoke-free. This can help reduce exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and provide additional motivation for people to quit smoking. Click here for more tobacco cessation information.
  • Host a gaming event that includes puzzles, brain teasers and riddles, which motivate participants to keep their minds sharp and help relieve stress.

Work, School and Community-based Groups

  • Provide healthy food, drinks, and opportunities for physical activities at your April event. Use the Healthy Anne Arundel Coalition's Healthy Events and Meetings checklist and guidelines to start planning your upcoming potlucks, meetings or celebrations. Click here for Healthy Events and Meetings materials.
  • Organize a "lunch and learn" program that features videos or guest speakers on various health topics. Participants could bring their own healthy brown bag lunches, or a healthy meal could be provided.
  • Challenge co-workers or classmates to incorporate a different color fruit or vegetable in their diet every day. Recognition or prizes could be given to those who complete a rainbow of colors.
  • Start a collaborative cleanup group that allows people to get moving and get involved in the revitalization of a work area, building or local community.
  • Organize a walking or biking club. Map out safe paths for walking and bicycling. Include safety tips.
  • Host a yoga or meditation class that focuses on health for the mind, body and spirit.
  • Coordinate a health screening event to highlight cancer prevention and promote the importance of regular checkups.
  • Host a drug-free lifestyle activity that highlights the dangers of using drugs and focuses on the benefits of being drug-free.
  • Sponsor a forum for those who may suffer or have suffered from anxiety, depression or low self-esteem. The forum could facilitate group and one-on-one discussions that offer support and encouragement.
  • Provide tools that will assist people in organizing their daily lives, including motivational quotes, calendars and time management planners.