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Healthy Anne Arundel Coalition


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Overview of the Healthy Anne Arundel Coalition
and the State Health Improvement Process

Community Health Needs Assessment Report

Healthy Anne Arundel Month

Affordable CareThe State of Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) launched a State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) in September 2011. SHIP identifies 40 objectives to improve the health of Maryland residents across five vision areas: (1) Healthy Beginnings, (2) Healthy Living, (3) Healthy Communities,  (4) Access to Health Care and (5) Quality Preventive Care. SHIP health improvement measures are aligned with the national Healthy People 2020 objectives established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The SHIP provides a framework for local action and public engagement by calling for the establishment and long-term sustainability of local health improvement coalitions throughout Maryland. 

Under SHIP's umbrella, the Healthy Anne Arundel Coalition,managed by the County Department of Health, was formed in December 2011. The Coalition’s Steering Committee includes public sector agencies, health care providers and payers, community and faith-based groups, businesses and educational institutions.

The purpose of the Coalition is to locally prioritize the SHIP’s objectives and to develop and implement actionable strategies to improve public health. The Coalition Steering Committee decided to focus on two health improvement priorities from 2012 to 2015:  (1) obesity prevention and (2) the management of substance abuse and mental health as co-occurring disorders.


Coalition Vision, Mission and Improvement Priorities

Vision: Healthy County, Healthy People

Mission: Working together as a community to promote the health and wellness of Anne Arundel County residents

Improvement Priorities for 2012-2015

Kids Eating Healthy

Kids Eating Healthy

Management of Substance Abuse and
Mental Health as Co-Occurring Disorders

Coalition Officers (PDF), Coalition Steering Committee (PDF) and Subcommittee Chairpersons (PDF)

Coalition Steering Committee Meeting Minutes and Participant Packets

Coalition Subcommittee Meeting Calendar

Coalition Documents

Learn To Live Healthy BusinessFact Sheet - October 2014 (PDF)

Anne Arundel County Local Health Improvement Coalition Action Plan, Version 2.0, July 2014 (PDF)

Standard Operating Procedures (PDF)


County Health Data

Community Health Needs Assessment

Anne Arundel County Report Card of Community Health Indicators (PDF)

Anne Arundel County SHIP Profile (PDF)

Anne Arundel County Statistics and Reports

County Health Rankings

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